With RelayRides, GM joins the car sharers

GM is using the RelayRides marketplace to make its first major foray into carsharing (Photo: GM)

General Motors is making its first major foray into car sharing through an agreement with RelayRides, a peer-to-peer carsharing marketplace. The US-based automaker said the two companies would use GM’s OnStar onboard telematics system to let GM vehicle owners in the US rent out their cars when they are not using them. The program will […]

Nissan, GE collaborate to speed up EV adoption

Nissan will coordinate joint research from its technical center in Farmington Hills, Mich (Photo: Nissan)

Nissan and GE signed a two-year research collaboration pact to speed up the adoption of electric vehicles. The Japanese carmaker, whose Nissan LEAF is one of the first EVs to be available to customers worldwide, is teaming up with GE to more quickly roll out a refueling infrastructure for the new vehicles. Access to battery […]

Japan’s HI Corp joins Genivi

HI Corp aims to improve the automotive HMI with the help of 3D rendering technology (Photo: HI)

HI CORPORATION has joined the Genivi alliance, adding another HMI specialist to the development group. The Japanese maker of mobile 3D graphics is joining an expanding group of carmakers and IT solutions providers who – within Genivi – are developing an open-source in-vehicle infotainment reference platform. Such an architecture is seen as important for the […]

Enersys to build lithium-ion batteries in Germany

The Duracar Quicc! electric minicar uses lithium-ion batteries with cells from LTC (Photo: GAIA)

EnerSys has formalized a joint-venture agreement to produce large-format lithium-ion battery cells in Germany. The US based energy-solutions group said it will have a majority interest in a new joint venture it has formed with GAIA Akkumulatorenwerke GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of Lithium Technology Corporation (LTC). The venture, which is scheduled to start operations […]

At Nissan, researchers hope to develop a mind-reading car

Nissan and the EPFL university are testing mind-reading systems with a wheelchair (Photo: EPFL)

It’s the thought that counts in a new Nissan Europe research project. The Japanese carmaker, together with the Lausanne Technical University (EPFL) is studying whether brain waves can actually direct a vehicle. “After scanning the thought patterns of its driver, the car of tomorrow will be able to predict its next move,” Nissan said in […]

OnStar won’t keep data connection to former customers’ cars

OnStar recently launched an aftermarket solution in the form of a rearview mirror (Photo: GM)

OnStar said Tuesday it was reversing an earlier decision to keep a data connection to customers’ vehicles after the OnStar service is canceled. The GM telematics division had sent e-mails to customers telling them that from Dec. 1 a cancellation of OnStar wouldn’t mean the data connection would be severed, unless a customer specifically asked […]

With pure EVs struggling, Toyota continues to bet on hybrids

Toyota hopes the new plug-in Prius will help solidify its front-runner status in electric vehicles (Photo: Toyota)

With enthusiasm for pure electric vehicles not growing as quickly as some carmakers had expected, Toyota believes its bet on hybrids gives it a good chance of retaining the lead in the green car race. “The Prius has front-runner status,” says Gerald Killmann, head of powertrain at Toyota Motor Europe, in a reference to the […]

TomTom: Navigating to India

As PND sales fell, navigation specialist TomTom's revenue dropped 17 pc in 2012 (Photo: TomTom)

TomTom said it is introducing its VIA range of personal navigation devices to India in a move to benefit from the strong growth in the country’s car market. The Dutch navigation systems group said in a press release that the introduction of its products follows the establishment of a sales office in India earlier this […]

Axeon claims 35% range improvement with new EV battery

axeon battery system.automotiveIT

Battery systems manufacturer Axeon said it had developed a new lithium-ion battery that would give electric vehicles a 35 pc improvement in range compared with existing technologies. The company also said it achieved the result without adding weight to the battery. “This new battery represents a real step forward in the development of electric vehicles […]

In Texas, Siemens tests cellphone-powered traffic evacuation system

Siemens' system can estimate traffic density and take control of traffic lights in an emergency (Photo: Siemens)

Siemens is testing an emergency evacuation system that uses information from drivers’ cellphones to ease traffic flows in an emergency situation. The test is conducted by Siemens Intelligen Traffic Solutions in Harris County, Texas, which includes the city of Houston. A major hurricane in 2008 required the evacuation of thousansd of residents in the greater […]