automotiveDAY: BMW execs say selectivity is key in infotainment

BMW's Hildegard Wortmann (left) and Karl Probst describe the opportunities and challenges of connected cars (Photo: automotiveIT)

HANOVER – BMW executives see huge possibilities to add a wealth of new in-car infotainment functions, but they agreed that selectivity is key. “The possibilities are endless but we need to focus on what makes sense from the point of view of usefulness for the customer,” said Hildegard Wortmann, senior vice president product management at […]

automotiveDAY: Audi’s Strotbek sees car as “part of internet”

Audi board member Strotbek predicted a big new push for in-car services once LTE starts (Photo: automotiveIT)

HANOVER – Audi on Thursday reaffirmed its vision of ever more integration between the automotive and IT industries. “We’re not just bringing the internet into the car, we’re bringing the car into the internet,” said Audi board member Axel Strotbek. Speaking at the annual automotiveDAY conference during the CeBIT high-tech fair here, Strotbek said Audi […]

German BMWs to get Vodafone SIM cards

vodafone bmw.automotiveIT

New BMWs in Germany will be equipped with specially adapted Vodafone SIM cards from this summer as the German premium carmaker pursues its ConnectedDrive strategy. Under a five-year agreement between BMW and Vodafone Germany, new cars will be fitted with the SIM cards at the assembly plant. The cards use machine-to-machine technology that allows different […]

Intel invests $100m in automotive activities

In 2010, Intel developed a connected car for IT test purposes (Photo: Intel)

Intel is investing 100 million dlrs in companies that are developing automotive applications. The US-based semiconductor group said its Intel Capital investment unit will support a range of hardware, software and services companies developing in-vehicle applications as well as car connectivity solutions. The move shows that Intel is recognizing the growth potential of IT in […]

OnStar president stepping down – reports

OnStar President Linda Marshall told developers at the Las Vegas CES last month that they could create novel mobile applications for its various services (photo: GM)

The president of OnStar, Linda Marshall, is leaving her position slightly more than a year after assuming the job of running General Motors’ connected safety, security and mobility solutions division. Press reports say Marshall is leaving her post this week and will be succeeded by Terry Inch, OnStar’s sales director, on an interim basis. Marshall […]

VW’s de Meo: Internet becomes No. 1 communication channel

Luca de Meo (photo: VW)

As the global head of marketing for the Volkswagen Group and its core VW passenger car brand, Luca de Meo is responsible for defining what the group and its products stand for. That message needs to get across  globally to VW buyers of all ages and nationalities. In an interview with automotiveIT, the Italian-born executive, […]

OnStar teams up with Telefonica for global expansion

OnStar sofar is only available in North America and China (Photo: OnStar)

Onstar is teaming up with Spanish telecommunications group Telefonica to expand its telematics offerings globally. “Earlier this year we announced that OnStar is growing its global footprint,” said Jon Hyde, director of OnStar Global Expansion. “This partnership is one of the first vital steps in that process.” OnStar, which is fully owned by General Motors, […]

Geneva: Volvo’s new V40 features pedestrian airbag

The new Volvo V40's pedestrian airbag is a world-first (Photo: Volvo)

Volvo’s new V40 model will feature a new kind of airbag that covers the front of the car in a collision with a pedestrian. The Swedish automaker said the new V40, which will be officially unveiled at the Geneva auto show March 6, will have a range of new safety and driver-assistance technologies, including Volvo’s […]

Bill Ford: Carmakers, mobile companies must join forces

Bill Ford says mobile technology can help beat global congestion (Photo: Ford)

Bill Ford called on the automotive and mobile industries to work closely together to deal with the challenges posed by the growing number of cars clogging the roads in a world with ever more megacities. In a keynote address to the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Ford, the chairman of the US carmaker that bears […]

With Aupeo!, BMW integrates 1st global 3rd-party iPhone App

BMW is rolling out globally a music App similar to Pandora in N. America (Photo: BMW)

BMW is launching the Aupeo! personal radio iPhone App, the first global application developed by a third party. The Munich-based premium car maker said Aupeo! will soon be available for all current BMW and Mini models. The launch of Aupeo!, a kind of personal DJ service similar to the North American Pandora internet radio service, […]