Altran bundles EV development activities in Barcelona

Altran and the Quimera consortium want to redefine racing with the all-electric drift car (Photo: Quimera)

Altran is bringing together all its electric-vehicle development projects at a new “Center of Excellence” in Barcelona. The high-tech engineering consultancy said it hopes to add 400 new staff at the facility in the next five years. Altran already employs 2,000 automotive specialists across 20 countries. Altran wants to focus increasingly on fundamental mobility issues […]

Mitsubishi Electric develops Volvo’s infotainment system

Volvo's new V40 has a fully graphic instrument cluster. The driver can choose from three themes(Photo: Volvo)

Volvo Car has selected Mitsubishi Electric to develop a next-generation infotainment system that will be on all new Volvo models from November, 2013. The Swedish carmaker said the new system will work in combination with its recently announced Sensus interface. Sensus forms the basis of Volvo’s strategy to make all functions accessible through a simple […]

VW, BASF offer award for electrochemistry research

VW is working hard on the introduction of electric vehicles (Photo: VW)

Volkswagen and BASF have established a 50,000 euro award for research that may lead to better high-performance energy storage. The award comes as the German auto industry is increasingly worried that for advanced battery technology, which is crucial for the growth of the electric-vehicle industry, it needs to rely on expertise from Asia. Martin Winterkorn, […]

Survey: Purchasers do without IT support

SAP and other sofware makers have limited success in corporate purchasing departments, a RAAD study shows (Photo: SAP)

Purchasing departments at German companies more often than not manage without IT systems that are tailored to their requirements. According to a survey conducted last year by Germany’s RAAD Research, fewer than 20 pc of 230 German companies interviewed use software that specifically supports the purchasing function. Instead, many use a mixture of Excel spreadsheets […]

Gentex to provide camera with driver-assist for Ford Explorer

gentex mirror.automotiveIT

Gentex said it will supply a new auto-dimming mirror with a camera-based driver assistance system for the 2013 Ford Explorer. The Michigan-based supplier said the system will use a multi-function camera combined with algorithmic decision-making to provide high-beam control, lane keeping and driver alert functions. Gentex developed the system together with Mobileye, a maker of […]

Automotive microsystems conference – Berlin

The two-day conference will take place at Harnack House in Berlin (Photo: AMAA)

The 16th International Forum on Advanced Microsystems for Automotive Applications will take place in Berlin May 30-31. The conference, which will focus on “Smart Systems for Safe, Sustainable and Networked Vehicles,” will look at how the car is changing and how IT is playing a greater role in this development. “ICT, components and smart systems […]

McLaren signs new contract with SAP

Sports cars generate large amounts of performance data that need to be analyzed (Photo: McLaren)

McLaren will use SAP software to¬† better handle data flows, optimize its infrastructure and improve group operations. The British automotive racing technology company said it had signed a new contract with SAP to use the business software maker’s solutions, including the SAP Hana database. Ron Dennis, executive chairman of McLaren said analysis of large amounts […]

Infineon CEO Bauer resigns for health reasons; Ploss takes over

Reinhard Ploss (left) takes over as Infineon CEO; Peter Bauer is leaving his post

Infineon CEO Peter Bauer is stepping down for health reasons, but the Germany-based semiconductor group¬† immediately announced he would be succeeded by another board member, Reinhard Ploss. Infineon said in a press release that Bauer had been suffering from osteoporosis for several years and that his condition had “significantly worsened” recently. “Due to the uncertainties […]

Audi opens high-voltage battery project house

Audi.high voltage.automotiveIT

Audi opened a new 3,500 square meter high-voltage battery facility near its main plant in Ingolstadt, Germany, underscoring its intention to make¬†electric vehicles a more important part of its product lineup by the end of the decade. By 2020, the Volkswagen Group premium car division wants to offer an electric e-tron model in every segment […]

TRW unveils capacitive touchpad sensor

TRW says its touchpad  provides a more intuitive way to operate various infotainment controls (Photo: TRW)

TRW, in an attempt to further simplify in-car controls, has developed a capacitive touchpad that recognizes handwriting. The US-based automotive supplier said the touchpad, which will be ready for production this year, will mark a major improvement in the human machine interface (HMI) because it can be used by car drivers and passengers in a […]