In interview, Volvo’s CEO says less is more in infotainment

Volvo CEO Jacoby shows the XC60 Plug-in Hybrid concept at the Detroit auto show (Photo: Volvo)

DETROIT — Volvo Car CEO Stefan Jacoby believes the Swedish carmaker can compete with its premium rivals in the field of new automotive electronics systems by providing less, rather than more. “Consumers don’t need all these kinds of gimmicks,” Jacoby said earlier this month in an interview with automotiveIT at the Detroit auto show. “If […]

US expert panel: in-car electronics require more supervision

A US expert panel says the public needs to be assured that complex electronic systems in cars will work (Photo: Delphi)

The proliferation of in-car electronics raises new safety issues that need to be monitored and addressed, a report by a US expert panel said this week. “The increasing role of electronic systems in automobiles creates new safety oversight challenges that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) must address explicitly and proactively,” the report by […]

Daimler-Google pact set to speed up Mercedes map functionality

Daimler's COMAND Online already offers various Google services to Mercedes drivers (Photo: Daimler)

Daimler said it has signed an agreement with Google to get quicker access to new map technologies developed by the online information and search group. Under the terms the agreement, which was signed at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Daimler will get access to a suite of application programming interfaces (APIs) known […]

Daimler’s r&d chief: Autonomous driving possible soon

Daimler's safety technology will enable autonomous driving in a few years (Photo: Daimler)

DETROIT — Daimler’s r&d chief, Thomas Weber, expects autonomous driving to be available in cars in the not too distant future. “By 2015 the preconditions for autonomous driving will be in place,” said Thomas Weber in an interview during the Detroit auto show here. Weber said new technologies already available in Daimler’s Mercedes models and […]

GM’s OnStar, Verizon Wireless show Cloud-enabled vehicle

The Onstar-Verizon prototype offers a broad range of Cloud-enabled application options (Photo: GM)

General Motors’ OnStar and Verizon Wireless showed a research vehicle at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show (CES) that provides users with access to Cloud-based streaming content. The US carmaker’s telematics unit has teamed up with Verizon, a major US mobile network operator, to bring fast 4G connectivity into the automotive environment. The aim was […]

Study: Despite high expectations, Cloud computing growth is limited


The global IT community expects a growing range of data and applications to move to the Cloud sooner rather than later. But, according to a German university study, the migration to the Cloud is moving more slowly than many have predicted. Researchers at the SRH University of Applied Sciences Berlin, in cooperation with Deutsche Telekom, […]

VW sets target for sustainable production

VW has installed energy-saving lights at its new Chattanooga plant in the US (photo: VW)

Volkswagen wants to improve the sustainability of its car plants by 25 pc between 2010 and 2018. The German carmaker said it will conserve energy, cut down on waste volumes, lower CO2 and other emissions and reduce its water consumption. “By 2018, we intend to make production at all our plants 25 percent more environmentally […]

Bosch, through acquisition, strengthens position in EV market

Robert Bosch plans to acquire voltwerk electronics GmbH from Conergy in a move to strengthen its portfolio of products for the growing electric vehicle industry. The German automotive supplier, the world’s largest in terms of sales, said that, pending regulatory approval, voltwerk, a Germany-based maker of electronic components and software solutions for photovoltaic arrays, will […]

Making engine control software development more efficient

VW is looking for tangible benefits from its cooperation with Clausthal University (Photo: VW)

Software development for engine control units is both complex and expensive. That’s why Volkswagen and Clausthal University of Technology are looking for ways to make this work more efficient. Europe’s largest auto company and the smallest technical university in Germany with barely 4,000 students have established the Institute for Applied Software Systems Engineering (IPSSE), a […]

Mercedes-Benz consolidates logistics, production systems

daimler plant it

Mercedes-Benz is moving ahead systematically with the modernization of its factories and that involves a consolidation of production and logistics systems. Those systems are the key to maintaining the flexibility today’s carmakers need to remain competitive. They are especially important to a builder of premium cars like Mercedes-Benz. The company’s production and logistics structures have […]