automotiveIT Congress: Qoros CIO cites greenfield advantages


HANOVER – Chinese newcomer Qoros has one advantage over all other automakers: the company started five years ago from a clean sheet of paper and didn’t have to deal with antiquated plants, outdated machinery, old software or a difficult product history. “We took a greenfield approach to everything,” said Qoros CIO Wolfgang Grottke. “We have […]

Dassault Systemes CEO sees big changes in car engineering

Dassault Systemes' Charles says in-car electronics are too complex (Photo: Dassault Systemes)

Dassault Systemes CEO Bernard Charles expects big changes in car engineering as the industry deploys new product design and development technologies. In a telephone interview with automotiveIT, Charles, who has headed the Paris-based maker of 3D design and product lifecycle management software since 1995, said engineering and manufacturing will increasingly focus on the experience provided […]

Executive Report: GM CIO confident of progress in IT overhaul

Randy Mott is a keynote speaker at the 2014 automotiveIT Congress (Photo: Larry A. Peplin)

  General Motors CIO Randy Mott is confident he’s making progress in his three-year drive to overhaul IT operations at North America’s largest automaker. In an interview with automotiveIT, Mott cited “a lot of blocking and tackling” he had to do in 2013, referring to the often unglamorous work handled by American football’s defense players […]

Mary Barra set to become GM CEO on January 15, 2014

Mary Barra will become the 1st woman to head a major automaker (Photo: GM)

General Motors named Mary Barra to become the carmaker’s next CEO on January 15, 2014. Barra, 51, will succeed Dan Akerson, who is retiring earlier than planned to deal with a family illness. Barra, who is in charge of GM’s global product development, purchasing and supply chain, will become the first woman to run a […]

VW reaffirms commitment to “clean factories”

In early 2013, VW inaugurated a large solar park for its plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee (Photo: VW)

Volkswagen Group reaffirmed its commitment to building fuel-efficient cars in sustainable factories as the German automaker celebrated the second anniversary of its “Think Blue. Factory” program. VW’s mission is “to deliver clean cars from clean factories,” the group’s production chief, Hubert Waltl, said at a meeting that was attended by more than 350 environmental experts […]

With acquisition, Accenture moves to further strengthen PLM expertise

Accenture's acquisitions of PCO is its 2nd major move in the PLM business area  this year (Photo: PCO)

Accenture hopes to further boost its expertise in the growing product lifecycle management (PLM) sector through the planned acquisition of Montreal-based PCO Innovation. The global business consulting group said the addition of PCO will increase its ability to help clients organize, develop, manage and introduce new products and services.   PCO specializes in PLM strategy […]

NTT to deliver cloud platform to Yamaha

Yamaha Motor makes motorcycles and other power products (Photo: Yamaha)

NTT Communications Corporation will deliver a cloud computing platform to Yamaha Motor, as the Japanese motorcycle and power products group moves to streamline global IT operations. In a press release, NTT said the platform will let Yamaha operate mission-critical systems in Japan for production, procurement, product development, human resources and finance operations,starting in January, 2014. […]

Progress cited in PLM openness

codex plm openness.automotiveIT

An industry-wide initiative to create more open IT solutions for product lifecycle management (PLM) software is gaining acceptance, with most system suppliers now on board for the plan. In recent months, more companies have signed a common agreement – the Codex of PLM Openness (CPO – which documents their contribution to more transparency in PLM […]

Survey: as costs fall, M2M is growing

(Photo: Analysys Mason)

A survey of companies across several industries shows that machine-to-machine (M2M) implementations are set to rise across the board as costs come down. The M2M adoption barometer for 2013 found that costs are one of the biggest barriers in adopting M2M solutions. But as these costs come down, the survey predicts, a “surge of M2M […]

Survey: German BI market set to grow strongly

US-based SAS is Germany's biggest seller of BI software (Photo: BI)

MUNICH – The German market for business intelligence software is set to grow sharply this year, as small and mid-sized companies continue to invest in products that can help make them more efficient. According to a survey of Germany-based BI software providers, these companies boosted their sales by, on average, 11.3 pc to 1.2 billion […]