Android alliance gets traction as brands join, plans are unveiled

Kia says the Soul is one of the first models to feature Android Auto (Photo: Kia)

With Volkswagen and Volvo Cars the latest auto¬†brands to join the Open Automotive Alliance (OAA), the Google initiative to boost the use of Android devices in cars is making headway. But carmakers ¬†stressed that they will be working closely with Apple as well to make sure devices running on¬†both operating systems can be seamlessly connected. […]

CIO change at BMW: Straub said to succeed Probst

BMW CIO Probst is retiring, sources say (Photo: Claus Dick)

Klaus Straub is expected to succeed ¬†Karl-Erich Probst as CIO of BMW Group at the end of August, industry sources say. Probst took over as head of BMW’s central IT department in 2006. He is leaving the company of his own accord, the sources say. Klaus Straub Straub used to be CIO of Volkswagen Group’s […]

Salesforce aims to give “wearables” a corporate boost

Mercedes announced a tie-up with the Pebble smart watch company at the CES in January (Photo: Daimler)

In a move to speed up the integration of so-called “wearables” in corporate IT systems, is launching a developer kit specifically targeting the new mobile communications devices. Wearables, which include cloud-connected smart watches, glasses, wristbands and other devices that are worn on the body, only recently made their appearance. Google led the trend with […]

Nokia to invest in connected-car technology

Nokia HERE is a mapping and location services provider (Photo: Nokia)

Nokia will invest 100 million dollars in connected car technology as the Finnish group focuses its business on networks, mapping and location intelligence and general mobility. Once the world’s leading maker of mobile phones, Nokia earlier this year completed the sale of its devices and services business to Microsoft. The newly launched “Connected Car fund,” […]

In BMW plant, gesture control is on trial

A worker can register a fault by swiping across a component (Photo: BMW)

BMW, in a test of so-called “Industry 4.0″ car manufacturing, is using camera-based gesture detection in a pilot project at its plant in Landshut, Germany. The premium car maker is trying out the technology for quality control of bumpers before they are mounted. The test¬†is designed to reduce the time and effort it takes to […]

Netherlands wants to approve large-scale self-driving car test

Dutch Cabinet Minister Schultz wants new laws to facilitate autonomous cars (Photo: Dutch government)

The Netherlands will introduce legislation in early 2015 to make autonomous driving on public roads possible in the near¬†¬†to medium term. The government will send a proposal to parliament outlining the legislative changes required to open the country’s traffic to driverless cars. The Netherlands, with its congested roadway system and almost 17 million people living […]

In predictive analytics move, Nokia to buy Medio Systems

Medio Systems is a predictive-analytics specialist (Photo: Medio)

Nokia plans to acquire 10-year-old Seattle-based Medio Systems in a move to add new personalization features to the navigation and mapping services offered by its HERE division. Nokia HERE, which ¬†makes¬†location products for smartphones, tablets and cars, said Medio’s predictive analytics capabilities will let it create better contextual maps that change according to a particular […]

GM demonstrates EN-V 2.0 in test of city driving

Four of GMs small EV fit into one parking space (Photo: GM)

General Motors is starting tests of its¬†Chevrolet EN-V 2.0 electric vehicle to find out how the small networked vehicle functions in a simulated future urban environment. The tests of the fully networked EV are conducted in the Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City, a Chinese-Singaporean project located 45 kilometers outside Tianjin in northern China. GM said the demonstration […]

Vodafone to bid for Cobra Automotive Technologies

As part of its growing automotive business, Vodafone is already supplying SIM cards for VW Group vehicles (Photo: Vodafone

Vodafone plans to offer 145 million euros to buy all of Cobra Automotive, as the global telecommunications group bids to grow its business in the automotive industry. Italy-based Cobra sells security and telematics products to the automotive and insurance industries. It has operations in Brazil, China, France, Germany, Japan and several other major markets. Vodafone […]

Toyota, Panasonic develop cloud to link cars and appliances

Toyota and Panasonic want to connect cars and home appliances (Photo: Panasonic)

Toyota and Panasonic are jointly developing a cloud-based service to link cars with home appliances. The product will be ready for launch in the second half of 2014. Toyota, the world’s biggest carmaker, said the new service aims to make mobility “smarter, more convenient and more comfortable.” Toyota will use its existing cloud-based Toyota Smart […]