Big-data market expected to soar in Germany

Big Data analysis makes sense of large amounts of information (Photo: Wikimedia)

The German market for big-data analysis is set to jump 59 pc to 6.1 billion euros this year, according to a study by  Crisp Research. The consultants see the market growing to 13.6 billion euros by 2016. The study was commissioned by Germany’s high-tech industry association, Bitkom, which highlighted the far-reaching potential of big data. […]

German cloud growth slows amid NSA concerns

Bitkom says the cloud can also protect companies (Photo: T-Systems)(Photo: T-Systems)

Corporate use of the cloud is growing at a slower pace than before in Germany, as companies worry about the extent of US surveillance of private data. According to a study by Germany’s high-tech association Bitkom, cloud use grew 3 percent in 2013, compared with a 9 percent increase in 2012. “The trend toward cloud […]

German app downloads jump 80 pc in 2012

(Photo: Apple)

App downloads soared in Germany last year as consumers bought more smartphones and tablets. Bitkom, the country’s high-tech industry association, said app downloads jumped 80 pc to more than 1.7 billion in 2012. “The megatrend toward mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets is unbroken,” said Tobias Arns, a mobile expert at Bitkom. “Smartphone programs […]

Germany’s IT sector expects further growth in 2013

Bitkom says German IT companies continue to have trouble filling vacancies (Photo: Bitkom)

Three-quarter of Germany’s IT and telecommunications companies expect higher sales in the first half of 2013, while 14 pc expect stable revenues, according to a survey by Germany’s high-tech association, Bitkom. About 11 pc see business declining in the first half. “The Bitkom sector was and is an engine of growth for Germany,” said Bitkom […]

Bitkom’s social media checklist for small and mid-sized companies

Bitkom President Kempf says companies can get more value out of social media (Photo: Bitkom)

Bitkom, Germany’s high-tech industry association, has drawn up a checklist for social media implementation in small and mid-sized companies. The list aims to help companies, which increasingly use social-media tools, get more value out of them. “Many companies aren’t yet getting full value out of social media,” said Bitkom President Dieter Kempf. He added that, rather […]

Employers fail to prevent data crime – German survey

Many German workers don't get guidelines on dealing with computer threats (Photo: Wikimedia)

Many employers don’t properly guard against computer crime and leave their workers to deal with IT security, according to a German survey. The country’s high-tech association, BITKOM, polled workers on these issues and found that 21 pc claim their employers don’t provide any guidelines on how to guard against computer crime. Such guidelines would include […]

Germany’s BITKOM: Basel III could hurt IT industry

EU member nations are planning to tighten rules governing bank lending

Germany’s IT lobby warns that plans for a Europe-wide tightening of credit regulation under the so-called “Basel III” rules will negatively affect many small and medium-sized IT companies. The European Union is currently discussing new rules that would force banks to increase reserves held against the loans they offer. That would lead to more restrictive […]

Global IT market set to top 1 trillion euros in 2012

Global IT demand continues to rise despite the Japanese earthquake and weak consumer spending in some European countries (Photo: Infineon)

The global IT market is set to top 1 trillion euros in 2012, according to the European Information Technology Observatory (EITO). The IT researchers expect the market to grow 4.3 pc to 963.4 billion euros this year, despite negative factors that could have dampened growth. “Neither the earthquake in Japan nor the fiscal policy uncertainties […]

Meet the new CIO: study shows role should be split

detecon study.automotiveIT

The traditional responsibilities of the CIO would be better handled by two separate top executives, according to a survey of 1,000 managers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. According to the study, carried out by consultants Detecon with the help of Germany’s hi-tech association Bitkom, companies need a stronger separation between IT demand, which identifies which […]

Germany sets software, IT export record in 2010.

Both German exports, left, and imports soared in 2010

According to BITKOM, the country’s high-tech association, exports jumped 16 pc in 2010 to 12.1 billion euros, more than double what they were in 2003. “Software made in Germany is turning into a major export success,” said August-Wilhelm Scheer, BITKOM president. Half of all exports – 6.1 billion euros – goes to other member countries […]