Bosch introduces “combiner” head-up displays for BMW

The "combiner" head-up display makes it look as if the information is suspended two meters before the vehicle (Photo: Robert Bosch)

So-called “combiner” head-up displays built by Robert Bosch will be available on a range of BMW Group models, including the new Mini hatchback, the German automotive supplier said. The combiner system merges the images that are generated by the car’s instrument panel with the scenery outside and makes the combined picture look as if it […]

Bosch opens new software development center in Mexico

Bosch's new Guadalajara IT development center was officially opened April 24. Struth is 2nd from left (Photo: Bosch)

Robert Bosch, in a move to strengthen its North American operations, has opened a new software development and engineering services center in Guadalajara, Mexico. The German automotive supplier group said the center will initially employ more than 200 engineers, who will focus on software programming and application services. The move to Mexico underlines Bosch’s faith […]

Bosch establishes internet-of-things unit

Bosch expects the internet of things to generate a broad range of new services (Photo: Bosch)

Robert Bosch, which has been driving the internet-of-things trend, is establishing a separate unit to make devices and objects talk to each other. The company, Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions, will build compact electronic products and provide software designed to achieve connectivity across a broad range of applications. The company will focus in first instance […]

carIT Congress: Bosch executive says autonomous driving will be a while

Bosch's Hoheisel sees progress on connectivity (Photo: Claus Dick)

FRANKFURT – Advanced driving assistance functions are getting a big boost from improved connectivity, a senior Robert Bosch executive said Wednesday, but full autonomous driving will take a while to become a reality. “Amid all the euphoria about autonomous driving, we believe it will happen after 2020,” said Dirk Hoheisel, a Bosch board member in charge […]

Bosch CEO: EV range at least 300km by 2020

German Chancellor Angela Merkel tests an EV charger at a big meeting on electric mobility (Photo: government)

Electric vehicles will have a range of at least 300km by 2020, Bosch CEO Volkmar Denner predicted. If the projection becomes reality it would all but eliminate one of the big reservations car buyers now have about EVs, which currently have a range of around 150km. The Bosch CEO expressed optimism over the outlook for […]

Newsletter: Daimler and others flock to India for r&d

Daimler's r&d center in Bangalore is the biggest of its kind outside Germany (Photo: Daimler)

BANGALORE – Companies in mature markets are increasingly transferring r&d abroad and premium car maker Daimler is no exception. The company recently inaugurated a new r&d center here, underscoring the importance it attaches to the fast-growing Indian market. “India is one of the core markets of our Mercedes-Benz 2020 growth strategy, and it has enormous […]

Bohr steps down as Bosch automotive chief

Bohr has run Bosch's automotive operations for the past 10 years (Photo: Bosch)

Bernd Bohr is leaving his post as the head of the automotive division of Robert Bosch. Bohr, 56, has been in charge of the biggest division of the German automotive supplier for almost 10 years and has worked for Bosch since 1987. He is leaving the company of his own accord and plans to pursue […]

Bosch sees gradual progression to autonomous driving

As driver-assistance technologies become more sophisticated, they will one day drive the car, Bosch says (Photo: Bosch)

Increasingly sophisticated driver-assistance technologies will gradually make autonomous driving a reality, according to Robert Bosch. “Fully autonomous driving will come about one step at a time,” said Gerhard Steiger, president of the Chassis Systems Control division of the German automotive supplier. Bosch builds and markets a range of driver-assistance technologies, including adaptive cruise control, ESP, […]

Bosch in bid to grow Russian business


Robert Bosch plans to build a new factory in Russia on the expectation that the country’s car market will continue to grow rapidly in coming years. The German automotive supplier, the world’s largest, said it would invest some 40 million euros in the plant in the next three years. Construction will start in early 2013. […]

Bosch dissolves Samsung JV, establishes battery unit

The Fiat 500e, which was unveiled at the Los Angeles auto show, is the first EV with a Bosch battery pack (Photo: Fiat)

Robert Bosch, formalizing the dissolution of a battery joint venture with Korea’s Samsung, has established a new division to build and market battery systems. The German automotive supplier said Robert Bosch Battery Systems, which includes the former SB LiMotive joint venture as well as Michigan-based Cobasys LLC,  will focus on building complete battery packs for […]