Study: German suppliers shun digital acquisitions

Continental, Bosch and ZF have acquired digital companies, but they are exceptions among German suppliers (Photo: Continental)

German automotive suppliers tend to shy away from acquiring digital technology¬†companies, preferring instead to build up this expertise from within, according to a new study. JDA Software looked at all acquisitions by Germany’s 20 biggest suppliers since 2013 and found that, of 29 relevant acquisitions, only five took place in the digital space. “German automotive […]

Automated driving gets a boost as Bosch joins research project

Many requirements need to be met for autonomous driving (Photo: Bosch)

Robert Bosch said it has joined a German research product aimed at¬†speeding up the development of automated-driving technologies. The German automotive supplier group said Ko-HAF, as the project is called, wants to help develop cars “in which drivers no longer need to be constantly vigilant.” Ko-HAF is a German-language acronym that stands for “Cooperative Highly-Automated […]

EU’s eCall introduction sets stage for aftermarket battle

eCall introduction opens battle between public and private systems (Photo: iStockphoto/Neil Kendall, Illustration: Sabina Vogel)

Following a European Union decision earlier this year that all new cars must soon have an emergency calling system, a competitive battle is shaping up between private and public offerings. The European Parliament in April approved legislation that says all new cars and light vans must have emergency call devices on board from March 31, […]

Bosch CIO: New office software meets high data-security standard

Fritsch became CIO of Robert Bosch in early 2015 (Photo: Bosch)

Robert Bosch is spending 800 million euros on a company-wide upgrade of its office productivity systems. Answering questions put to him by automotiveIT, Elmar Pritsch, who became CIO of the German automotive supplier in early 2015, recently provided some more details of the project. automotiveIT: Mr Pritsch, Bosch is putting new office software on 240,000 […]

Bosch invests 800 million euros in new office software

Bosch (Photo: Robert Bosch)

Robert Bosch is investing 800 million euros in new office software as part of its goal of becoming “a globally connected, agile company.” The German automotive supplier, whose business focus is moving away from traditional automotive components to connected-car and internet-of-things technologies, said the software investment is part of its “Next-Generation Workplace” project. This aims […]

Point of View: Germany needs Industry 4.0

Hilmar Dunker (Photo: Claus Dick)

Industry 4.0 is the new buzzword and rightly so. The term attempts to capture the comprehensive change that is sweeping the global industrial landscape. It’s therefore no exaggeration to use “4.0” to define the fourth industrial revolution that is upon us. But dig a little deeper and get ready to be surprised. Industry 4.0 may […]

Bosch builds Genivi-based infotainment software for Renault-Nissan

renault nissan.automotiveIT

Robert Bosch is developing an infotainment system for Renault and its alliance partner Nissan, using software developed within the Genivi alliance. Genivi, an industry association committed to developing an open-source infotainment standard, said the new automotive software program will supply all Renault and Nissan vehicles. The Renault-Nissan alliance said in a press release that it […]

Bosch CEO: Low fuel prices won’t hurt pace of electrification

Denner: "Connected electric cars are better." (Photo: Robert Bosch)

Low oil prices won’t lead to a slowdown in the pace of automotive electrification, Robert Bosch CEO Volkmar Denner said at a conference. The German supplier¬†is sticking to its forecast that roughly 15 pc of all new cars sold worldwide will have at least a hybrid powertrain by 2025. The Bosch CEO, speaking at the […]

ABB, Bosch, Cisco cooperate on smart-home platform

Bosch, ABB and Cisco see the home as an integral part of the internet of things (Photo: Bosch

ABB, Robert Bosch and Cisco are forming a joint venture to develop and operate a smart-home software platform. The three companies expect the Germany-based joint venture to start operations in early 2015. Bosch said in a press release that the new company will build a platform that will make communication between smart-home appliances and other […]

Newspaper: Bosch insures against cybercrime


Robert Bosch has taken out a 100 million euro insurance policy to safeguard its operations against cybercrime, according to a report in the German newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung. The policy was issued by a consortium led by German insurer Allianz, according to the report. It also includes industrial insurance specialist Ace ad the Zurich Group. The […]