At CES, Google, automakers forge broad Android alliance


Google has joined forces with several global automakers to extend its Android mobile ecosystem to the car. The search group has teamed up with Audi, General Motors, Honda, Hyundai and chipmaker Nvidia to form the “Open Automotive Alliance,” (OAA) a global partnership designed to bring the Android platform into the car this year already. As […]

Honda to start trial of micro-sized EV

A drawing of the microcar EV that Honda will start testing (Photo: Honda)

Honda will start trials of a new micro-sized electric vehicle this autumn to see what kind of role such a vehicle can play in tomorrow’s urban transportation environment. The trials of Honda’s “Micro Commuter Prototype Beta” will be conducted jointly with the Japanese city of Saitama. The city hopes the vehicle can be used especially […]

Honda, Acura to show concepts in Shanghai

Acura will show a global concept in Shanghai (Photo: Honda)

Honda will show a car concept at the Shanghai auto show that will indicate the direction of a new model it will be launching in the important Chinese market at a later date. The Japanese car group said its Acura brand will show a global concept as well as a Chinese version of its next-generation […]

At Honda, tests of new “Micro Commuter” to begin in 2013

Honda's Micro Commuter (Photo: Honda)

Honda next year will start testing a new “Micro Commuter” prototype, an electric vehicle for the Japanese market that could transport one driver ¬†and two children. The Japanese carmaker, which first unveiled the concept at the Tokyo Motor show in 2011, said ¬†so-called “demonstration testing” will look at how the vehicle performs in everyday short-distance […]

Carmakers target 2014-2017 for fuel cell vehicles in Nordic countries

Honda's FCX Clarity fuel-cell vehicle has been road-tested since 2002 (Photo: Honda)

Four Asian carmakers plan to start selling fuel-cell electric vehicles in the Nordic countries in the 2014-2017 period. The four – Honda, Toyota, Nissan and Hyundai – signed a memorandum of understanding with several organizations to lay the groundwork for the market introduction of the vehicles. The agreement was signed with public and private organizations […]

Car companies attempt to revive interest in fuel cells

Honda's FCX Clarity FCEV has been on European roads since 2009 (Photo: Honda)

Four automakers on Thursday attempted to revive public interest in fuel-cell technology with the start of a one-month long European road show. With attention focused primarily on a slew of new battery-powered vehicles entering global markets, Toyota, Daimler, Honda and Hyundai are joining forces to show that hydrogen-powered fuel-cell EVs already present a viable alternative. […]

Honda offers new connectivity system in US


Honda will debut a new in-vehicle connectivity system in North America 0n the 2013 Honda Accord later this year. The Japanese carmaker said HondaLink will offer the first integration by a car company of Harman’s Aha application. HondaLink will provide a personalized connection to cloud-based news, information and media feeds, Honda said. “HondaLink will enable […]

Honda develops system to prevent traffic jams

Despite growing worries over traffic congestion, European still want to own cars

Honda has developed a system to change driving patterns to help avoid traffic jams. The Japanese carmaker, in cooperation with researchers at the University of Tokyo, is working on technology that monitors a driver’s driving pattern and analyzes whether the way he accelerates and decelerates contributes to congestion. If that is deemed to be the […]

In pilot project, IBM connects Honda cars to US power grid

IBM said communication between EVs and the grid provides a "ground-breaking" boost to the eletric vehicle industry (Graphic: IBM)

IBM, aiming to show how electric vehicles can interact with the power grid, has teamed up with Japanese carmaker Honda and US utility Pacific Gas and Electric in a pilot project to demonstrate the possibilities for individualized EV charging plans. The project will test how EVs can receive and respond to charge instructions based on […]

Honda’s electric Fit to charge faster with Toshiba battery module

Honda's electric Fit was unveiled at the Los Angeles auto show this week (Photo: Honda)

The new electric version of the Honda Fit, which will be for sale from the summer of 2012,¬† will be powered by Toshiba battery modules that the company says will charge quicker and provide less heat than more conventional EV batteries. The Japanese electronics group said the Japanese carmaker has evaluated the systems since December, […]