Nissan sets 2020 as target for range of autonomous vehicles

Nissan has already been testing autonomous vehicles in the US (Photo: Nissan)

Nissan said it will have available several “commercially viable” autonomous vehicles by 2020. Prices will be “realistic” and the company’s stated goal is¬† to have autonomous vehicles across its model range. It wants to achieve that in the course of two model generations. “I am committing to be ready to introduce a new ground-breaking technology, […]

Honda to start trial of micro-sized EV

A drawing of the microcar EV that Honda will start testing (Photo: Honda)

Honda will start trials of a new micro-sized electric vehicle this autumn to see what kind of role such a vehicle can play in tomorrow’s urban transportation environment. The trials of Honda’s “Micro Commuter Prototype Beta” will be conducted jointly with the Japanese city of Saitama. The city hopes the vehicle can be used especially […]

Toyota to launch big-data traffic information in Japan

Toyota says big data will provide enhanced navigation information (Photo: Toyota)

Toyota is planning to launch a new traffic information service in Japan that will make extensive use of big data on vehicle locations and speeds, road conditions and other telematics-based information. The Japanese carmaker said it plans to make data available to local governments and businesses to help improve traffic flows and provide mapping information. […]

NTT Data appoints new European CEO

Patrizio Mapelli (Photo: NTT Data)

NTT Data has appointed Patrizio Mapelli to lead its operations in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Mapelli will also be in charge of the key German business. Mapelli, who currently heads NTT Data’s Italian operations and is also in charge of the IT consultancy’s enterprise business unit, will take on his new role April […]

At Honda, tests of new “Micro Commuter” to begin in 2013

Honda's Micro Commuter (Photo: Honda)

Honda next year will start testing a new “Micro Commuter” prototype, an electric vehicle for the Japanese market that could transport one driver ¬†and two children. The Japanese carmaker, which first unveiled the concept at the Tokyo Motor show in 2011, said ¬†so-called “demonstration testing” will look at how the vehicle performs in everyday short-distance […]

Mazda to start leasing Demio EV in Japan

Fully harging a Demio EV's lithium-ion batteries takes 8 hours (Photo: Mazda)

Mazda Motor will start leasing its Demio EV model to local authorities and corporate customers in Japan starting in October. The Japanese carmaker said the electric vehicle, which is a derivative of its combustion-engine-powered Demio model, has an electric driving range of 200km. The EV has the same cabin space and cargo capacity as the […]

Japan’s HI Corp joins Genivi

HI Corp aims to improve the automotive HMI with the help of 3D rendering technology (Photo: HI)

HI CORPORATION has joined the Genivi alliance, adding another HMI specialist to the development group. The Japanese maker of mobile 3D graphics is joining an expanding group of carmakers and IT solutions providers who – within Genivi – are developing an open-source in-vehicle infotainment reference platform. Such an architecture is seen as important for the […]

At Toyota, a private social network for customers

Toyota Friend will first be available only in Japan

Toyota will build a private social network for its customers and their cars. The network will be first launched in Japan. The Japanese carmaker said it will work with, a U.S. enterprise cloud computing company specialized in social collaboration, to build the service, which will be called “Toyota Friend.” The service will be powered […]

Bosch opens software engineering center in Vietnam

Bosch's new Vietnam software engineering center will serve car companies in Korea, China and Japan

Robert Bosch has opened a software engineering center in Vietnam that will serve customers throughout southeast Asia. The German automotive supplier said the newly established Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Vietnam Company Limited (RBVH) will provide high-tech software solutions and engineering services. Included are the development of embedded software, which is used in electronic […]

In-wheel-drive EV prototype has range of 333 km in urban traffic

The SIM-LEI' is 4700mm long, 1600mm wide and 1550 high

A Japanese technology company has developed a prototype electric vehicle that uses in-wheel electric motors to achieve a range of 333 km in urban traffic. The test vehicle, which is built by SIM-Drive, is called SIM-LEI, which stands for Leading Efficiency In-Wheel motor. The vehicle should go into mass production in 2013, SIM-Drive said. SIM-Drive […]