Daimler IT Exec: Standards will help manage engineering complexity

Daimler R&D CIO Haasis says standards are key in exchanging technical information with suppliers (Photo: Daimler)

As vehicles grow in complexity, coordination between carmakers, suppliers and other partners ¬†faces increasing challenges. In answers to written questions,¬†Siegmar Haasis, CIO Research and Development at Mercedes-Benz Cars, discusses the growing relevance of standards and lifts the veil on some of the initiatives Daimler is undertaking in this area. automotiveIT:¬†Mr. Haasis, you are a strong […]

Siemens PLM expands partner program

(Photo: Siemens)

Siemens PLM and the German engineering group’s Technology to Business (TTB) division are expanding a manufacturing partnership program¬†to include robotics startups. Until now the so-called “Frontier Partner Program” made available Siemens PLM software to startups keen to develop 3D printing innovations. Now, however, entrepreneurs with a focus on robotics technologies can also qualify for the […]

Made for Daimler suppliers: a CAD bridge for NX and Catia

(Photo: T-Systems)

T-Systems is offering suppliers to Daimler a program that can convert 3D CAD data created with Catia into a format that can still be used following the company switch to a new Siemens NX based software system. The German business services group said its Com/Fox software will be able to handle the conversion without any […]

Daimler completes transition to Siemens NX CAD software

Daimler's switch to Siemens NX reflects a desire to integrate CAD with xxxxx(Photo: Siemens)

Daimler has¬†completed a groupwide transition to Siemens NX CAD software, which replaced Dassault Systemes’ Catia V5 software across all of the company’s¬†divisions. The German car and truck maker said the move, which involved training more than 6,200 users on the new software, was made to improve efficiency and sustainability. Daimler said in a press statement […]

In PLM move, Siemens to acquire Camstar

Siemens aims to strengthen its PLM activities (Photo: Siemens)

Siemens plans to acquire Camstar in a bid for leadership in products that help companies digitize all areas of their business. The Germany-based diversified engineering group said its Siemens PLM software division will broaden its portfolio of product development and production automation products through the acquisition of Camstar. The US-based company is a specialist in […]

Daimler’s switch from Catia to Siemens NX moves into higher gear

Daimler's change is driven by compatibility issues between its CAD and PDM software

Daimler’s preparations for its planned switch from Catia to Siemens NX are progressing and the carmaker has, in the words of one insider, entered the “hot phase” of the transition. Two-thirds of CAD software users still need to run through their prepatory training before the changeover takes effect April 2015. Daimler announced in 2011 that […]

automotiveIT Congress: Qoros CIO cites greenfield advantages


HANOVER ‚Äď Chinese newcomer Qoros has one advantage over all other automakers: the company started five years ago from a clean sheet of paper and didn’t have to deal with antiquated plants, outdated machinery, old software or a difficult product history. “We took a greenfield approach to everything,” said Qoros CIO Wolfgang Grottke. “We have […]

Dassault Systemes CEO sees big changes in car engineering

Dassault Systemes' Charles says in-car electronics are too complex (Photo: Dassault Systemes)

Dassault Systemes CEO Bernard Charles expects big changes in car engineering as the industry deploys new product design and development technologies. In a telephone interview with automotiveIT, Charles, who has headed the Paris-based maker of 3D design and product lifecycle management software since 1995, said engineering and manufacturing will increasingly focus on the experience provided […]

Dassault Systemes to acquire RTT

RTT has worked with various automakers on digital retail concepts (Photo: RTT)

Dassault Systemes said it has agreed to buy 84 pc of Munich-based RTT for a reported 179 million euros. The Paris-based product lifecycle management software group said RTT, which is a leader in 3D visualization software, will add a key strength to Dassault’s offer of an integrated set of PLM solutions. “Our clients express a […]

With acquisition, Accenture moves to further strengthen PLM expertise

Accenture's acquisitions of PCO is its 2nd major move in the PLM business area  this year (Photo: PCO)

Accenture hopes to further boost its expertise in the growing product lifecycle management (PLM) sector through the planned acquisition of Montreal-based PCO Innovation. The global business consulting group said the addition of PCO will increase its ability to help clients organize, develop, manage and introduce new products and services.   PCO specializes in PLM strategy […]