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    Companies slow to upgrade software - consultants


    Software upgrades are unpopular with IT staff (Photo: Google) Companies are slow to upgrade important business software, according to a study by German consultants Steria Mummert. And once one update has been skipped, the next one will be even bigger, the consultants warn. That means more work and a ...

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    German top execs don't see need for more data security - poll


    Consultants Steria Mummert find views differ on data security measures in German companies (Photo: Singapore government) A majority of German top executives don't see any need for more data security in their companies, according to a survey by consultants Steria Mummert. The poll, conducted in the second half of 2011 ...

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    Steria Mummert: Automated software tests save time


    Testing expert Lars Hinrichsen says there is too much improvisation in software testing (Photo: Steria Mummert) More automation in software testing would make the process better, cheaper and more efficient, according to German testing consultants Steria Mummert. Three out of four IT departments in Germany test most of their software ...

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    Study: Deficient testing halts or delays projects


    Seven out of 10 German IT projects are halted or delayed because of deficient testing. According to a study conducted by German consultancy Steria Mummert, companies tend to budget too little time and personnel for quality assurance. As a result, faults are identified too late and have to be corrected ...

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    Study: The case for stronger business intelligence strategies


    German companies have a long way to go with the implementation of a comprehensive business intelligence (BI) strategy, according to a consultants’study. The study found that two-thirds of German companies have adopted business-intelligence strategies and are using information gathered to gain competitive advantage. But only one in five is using ...

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    German companies see strong rise in data volumes


    German companies expect a strong increase in data volumes, according to a survey conducted by Steria Mummert Consulting. Of all German companies polled 44 percent say that ever more detailed capture of customer data and more indepth analysis is going to require more storage capacity to deal with the growing ...