VW's Vizzion concept will be the flagship model of the new I.D. family (Photo: Geneva Motor Show)

Volkswagen Group will build electric vehicles at 16 plants worldwide by 2022, up from three locations today, the German automaker said.

VW also said that, to ensure adequate battery capacity for an expected surge in EV sales, it has signed agreements with a range of battery makers in Europe and China. Around 20 billion euros in contracts have already been awarded and a supplier for the North American market will be announced shortly.

"Over the last few months, we have pulled out all the stops to implement ‘Roadmap E' with the necessary speed and determination," VW Group CEO Matthias Mueller said at a press conference in Berlin earlier this week.

Roadmap E, the group’s strategy for electrification across its brands, calls for building 3 million EVs a year to be built by 2025. VW said it will be adding new electrified models in the course of 2018. It currently sells eight pure electric and hybrid models.

From next year onward, the VW Group plans to launch a new EV “virtually every month,” Mueller said.

Earlier this month, VW presented the Vizzion concept car at the Geneva Auto Show. The Vizzion will be the flagship model for the carmaker's I.D. family of electric vehicles. VW said the car can drive autonomously, has augmented-reality controls and can engage in adaptive learning with the help of artificial intelligence.

A compact model and an SUV will be the first members of the I.D. family to come to market in 2020.