car2gether lets users book a ride using their smartphones

Daimler said that, after six months, it had registered 2,000 users for its "car2gether" ride sharing project.

Car2gether was launched last September in the German cities of Ulm and Aachen. The service brings together cars that have empty seats and passengers looking for a ride. Connections can be made from a computer or via smartphone Apps.

Daimler said the age of the users was slightly higher than it had expected, with 34 pc between 18 and 25 years old, 35 pc between 26 and 35 and 24 pc between 36 and 49.

All customers of the service are active Web users, with a third visiting facebook pages several times a day.

Daimler, which also runs the car2go car-sharing service in several major cities worldwide, said car2gether is testing new concepts for personal mobility. It cited research indicating that more people in cities would not own cars in the future but would still want to retain their individual mobility.

The premium carmaker also said mobility offerings can be better provided through mobile internet access. It cited expectations that, by 2013, more people would access the Web from smartphones than from PCs in the home.