With the number of Cloud service providers growing rapidly, the Experton Group will shortly release a study that sheds some light on the differences between the various market players.

In April the German consultants and market researchers will release “Cloud Vendor Benchmark 2011,” a study that compares Cloud service providers in the German market.

Experton estimates there are more than 100 service providers in Germany alone. It expects the country’s market for cloud services to growth to 2 billion euros in 2011 from 1.1 billion euros last year.

The research report will divide the products sold by Cloud vendors into different market segments (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) and different deployment models (public, private, hybrid).

In addition, Experton will take into account the different requirements of small, medium-sized and larger companies when it assesses the Cloud offerings.

While preparing the study, Experton found that the market is still experiencing some growing pains. Said, Steve Janata, a senior Experton adviser: “In several of our consultancy activities, we found that Cloud service providers weren’t capable of meeting the expectations that their aggressive marketing had raised on the user side.”