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Smartphones Apps may soon be used to transfer vehicle data (Photo: Apple)

Students at Heilbronn University in Germany have developed an App that can capture vehicle data and use a smartphone to relay them to a repair shop.

"A cheap smartphone will do the trick" said Ansgar Meroth, professor at Heilbronn's Automotive Systems Engineering department.

The app that Meroth and his students developed will let a smartphone access all vehicle data that a car manufacturer makes available. The data are transferred to the smartphone through a small wireless device in the car.

Meroth sees a big role for smartphones in tomorrow's driver assistance systems. With a smartphone, drivers can, in a way, take part of the car home with them, Meroth said. That opens up possibilities to plan routes, make playlists, schedule service appointments or turn ona car's heating.

The Heilbronn professor said it is unlikely that there will soon be a large number of cheap Apps to manage cars' functions. "They cannot be fully realized without making changes inside the car and the necessary security also plays a major role," Meroth said in a press release.