Many car brands already offer CarPlay (Photo: Apple)

Apple and Google are set to become bigger players in the car, but the auto industry will also adopt open-source systems from other organizations, according to a report by market analysts ABI Research.

ABI predicts that by 2019 there will be 24 million new cars fitted with Apple's CarPlay. The uptake of the open-source Mirrorlink interface will also be "fairly significant," while Android Auto and  Genivi-based technologies are set to grow as well.

Without an open ecosystem, carmakers will have to collaborate with more than one partner to make sure all mobile phones can be connected. ABI said carmakers facing this prospect are worried about incompatibility with consumers' smartphones and the prospects of lost sales.

ABI said  both Apple's closed CarPlay system and Android Auto are likely to drive the adoption of in-car apps.

Several automakers have already announced that they would offer CarPlay capabilities. They include Ford Motor, BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Jaguar and Rover, Toyota, Nissan, and Volvo. Google said Android Auto has the backing of 40 carmakers.