Germany's ADAC says new lighting technology improves safety (Photo: ADAC)

The new Volkswagen Golf has the best front lighting system among competitors in the lower-medium-sized segments, according to a recent test.

The ADAC, Germany's largest automobile club, looked at the relative merits of the various systems and concluded that the Golf's adaptive xenon light system with high beam assistant doesn't have any major weaknesses.

The Golf was followed by the BMW 1 Series, which was praised for its bend lighting. But the ADAC was less impressed by the 1 Series' high beam assist.

The top 8 list looks like this:

  1. VW Golf
  2. BMW 1 Series
  3. Audi A3
  4. Mercedes-Benz A-Class
  5. Opel Astra
  6. Renault Megane
  7. Volvo V40
  8. Ford Focus
The ADAC welcomed the advent of intelligent lighting systems in these car segments and said new technologies such as  bend lighting and other assistants provide substantial safety improvements.

The automobile club noted, however, that most of these new features are optional at relatively high cost. It would be preferable to include them in the standard feature list of a new car, the ADAC said.