Electric vehicle charging infrastructure provider Allego is offering a smart charging solution which enables a balancing of driver demand, grid capacity and renewable energy supply.


Image: Allego

Its EV Cloud deploys the Microsoft Azure Digital Twins platform for real-time data processing and modelling, giving energy suppliers and service operators a solution for dynamic pricing and prioritization; for ‘shifting’ charging to times of low grid demand; and facilitating vehicle-to-grid power flow.

Marc Diks, Allego CIO, talked in a statement of the company’s “view of an integrated e-infrastructure and its belief in a sustainability that extends far beyond charging hardware. With Microsoft’s Azure Digital Twins platform, we are shaping the electromobility market of the future. Our smart electric vehicle charging solution is in the nascent phase but an important underpinning milestone in our journey.”

Allego, based in Arnhem, Netherlands, also launched a new payment system this week in London: its fast-chargers are being upgraded to enable contactless payments using EMV (Europay, Mastercard, Visa), including via devices with Google Pay, Apple Pay or similar. Its first fast-charger with this technology is now operational at the Shell Recharge station on London’s Holloway Road, and every new 50kW charger it installs from 2019 will be so-equipped across the Shell network.

-Farah Alkhalisi