altran-logo squareAltran said the acquisition of IndustrieHansa is on track and will likely be finalized this month.

The high-tech engineering consultancy said the incorporation of the German company will "contribute actively" to growth in the group's earnings. It will also bolster German business, Altran said.

The France-based consultants said 2012 revenue rose to 1.46 billion euros from 1.40 billion euros in 2011.

Altran announced in December that it was acquiring Munich-based IndustrieHansa, a consultancy specializing in the automotive, aeronautics and energy sectors. In the automotive sector, IndustrieHansa manages projects for clients such as Audi, BMW and Daimler.

Germany is now Altran's second biggest market after France.

Altran said the acquisition will also boost its offering of product lifecycle management solutions.

The addition of IndustrieHansa "is perfectly in line with Altran's external growth strategy," Altran CEO Philippe Salle said in December. "it will bolster Altran's market share with major client accounts in Germany and pave the way for capturing new major clients."