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Altran and the Quimera consortium want to redefine racing with the all-electric drift car (Photo: Quimera)

Altran is bringing together all its electric-vehicle development projects at a new "Center of Excellence" in Barcelona.

The high-tech engineering consultancy said it hopes to add 400 new staff at the facility in the next five years. Altran already employs 2,000 automotive specialists across 20 countries.

Altran wants to focus increasingly on fundamental mobility issues and vehicles of the future. "That is why the opening of a new excellence center will facilitate the cross fertilization of our competencies in automotive”, said Cosimo de Carlo, executive director for Altran Automotive, Infrastructure and Transportation.

The group opted for Barcelona because the Catalonian capital has embarked on a wealth of new mobility initiatives that can serve as reference points for other cities in Spain and the rest of Europe.

At the opening of the new center, Altran showed the all electric drift car (AEDC), a fully electric car that offers an instantaneous power surge to propel it from 0 to 60 mph in 3.2 seconds. The car was developed by the Quimera consortium, a cluster of multinational companies working on sustainability projects.

Other Quimera projects shown were the AEGT-Evo2 and the AEGF (All Electric Great Formula), both attempts to redefine the race car. The vehicles are set to start racing next year.