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  • google self driving car.automotiveIT

    For automakers, a Cisco analysis provides a high-tech industry template


    Google, which is testing a self-driving car, may be planning more automotive action (Photo: Google) Embattled automakers should take inspiration from the high-tech industry and embark on a massive transformation of their business model, according to a new analysis by two Cisco consultants. The analysis, called "Electronics-ization in Automotive," ...

  • aftermarket.automotiveIT

    Automakers should hurry with connected-car aftermarket plans - study


    Car connectivity can help automakers retain aftermarket and service revenues Automakers should move quickly to benefit from the sales and service opportunities provided by connected cars. That is the main conclusion of an analysis by consultants Oliver Wyman. The study notes that by 2016, there will likely be about 216 ...

  • Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Las Vegas 06./07.01.11

    Point of view: At CES, mobile living rooms come a step closer


    By Arjen Bongard LAS VEGAS ”“ It wasn’t so long ago that the auto industry was struggling to position itself in the era of consumer entertainment. Judging from automakers’ presentations at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) here - and from the barrage of in-car infotainment announcements in recent weeks - ...