MOST in an Audi A8 L

Since the first implementation of MOST25 in an Audi car in 2002, MOST has become the established standard for the networking of premium infotainment systems at Audi

Volkswagen's Audi subsidiary and Daimler will be the first automakers to integrate the new MOST generation, MOST150, into their model range.

"Infotainment applications make very different demands on the network infrastructure,: said Jens Kötz, manager responsible for the MOST150 integration at Audi. "MOST150 offers all the necessary communication mechanisms through an "all-in-one" interface," he added. "These unbeatable advantages were the basis for the decision to implement MOST150 in the Volkswagen group."

The technology will be first introduced in the new Audi A3 model range. It will subsequently be rolled out across the VW group.

Sixteen carmakers and more than 60 automotive supliers work together on the MOST technology. The network was originally conceived for the transmission of infotainment data in vehicles. Its mission has, however, been broadened to include all consumer electronics.

MOST, which stands for Media-Oriented Systems Transport has become the standard for multimedia and infotainment networking in the auto industry