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Mercedes’ Helmut Schuett spoke at the automotiveDAY conference

Mercedes Benz doesn't want to rely solely on major global IT services suppliers, but is happy to have local solutions in specific areas.

Helmut Schuett, CIO Cars & Vans, Mercedes Benz, said the premium-car brand divides its IT suppliers into three categories, with the top 20suppliersparticipating in group operations worldwide.

But Schuett said that leaves room for other suppliers to help the group with local solutions. "It is not our goal to have a centralized decision on all suppliers," he told the automotiveDAY conference.

"If it fits to take a global supplier, we will do so, but if, from a cost-benefit point of view it is possible to select a local supplier who knows the local situation, we will do so as well."

automotiveDAY is a major IT conference organized by automotiveIT at the CeBIT high-tech fair in Hanover. More than 400 IT experts attended this year's event.