VW's Hofmann (Photo: Claus Dick)

Volkswagen is on its way to become the world's largest automaker with more than 10 million vehicles sold in 2014. And of course, the executives in Wolfsburg are keen on staying at the forefront of information technology revolution as well.

Volkswagen CIO Martin Hofmann underlined this ambition in his speech at the automotiveIT Congress 2015 in Hanover. The question he posed was: "Do we need a different IT?" And his simple answer was: Yes, we have to take the next step  and combine traditional industrial IT with consumer IT.

New players like Uber or Google are not just new service providers, they are real competitors for Volkswagen and other manufacturer, said Hofmann. "With our current IT infrastructure we can’t compete with them. We need to build up new dynamic and creative structures."

Thus, Volkswagen redesigned its concept of a working information technology in the group. Instead of a classic hierarchical system, Volkswagen created the vision of an "IT 2.0," which integrates elements like pitching days, hackathons and rapid prototyping. "We need both worlds, IT 1.0 and 2.0. There is no better or worse," said Martin Hofmann.

The automotiveIT Congress, which is hosted by the automotiveIT Group, has as its theme “The Auto Industry of the Future - The New Role of IT.”