GM CIO Randy Mott is insourcing 90 pc of IT services (Photo: Claus Dick)

HANOVER ”“ General Motors CIO Randy Mott said IT is a "strategic corporate asset" for the automaker. It can play a key role in boosting the speed of innovation, he said.

Mott, who joined GM two years ago, has embarked on a complete IT revamp at the company, insourcing most services that were previously handled by outside companies; reducing the number of data centers; standardizing on fewer applications; and establishing a series of "innovation centers" to help move the business forward.

Mott, who spoke at the automotiveIT Congress here Thursday, said his IT transformation encompasses a wide range of areas. "My view of transformation is that you have to move on many fronts if you want to transform your company. There's no 'easy button'; it's hard work," he said.

The scale of GM's IT revamp becomes clear when you look at the situation in 2012, Mott said. That year, GM had 850 development contracts across multiple vendors and 35 mult-vendor contracts that covered about 2,000 applications. "It looks like a mess and it was a mess," he said, adding that reducing those numbers and introducing more simplicity in GM's IT are key objectives.

IT should be one of the core competencies of GM, next to engineering, design, sales & marketing and manufacturing, Mott said.

-By Arjen Bongard