More than 500 executives attended the 2012 automotiveIT Congress (Photo: Claus Dick)

automotiveIT will host its fifth annual IT conference March 7, 2013, in Hanover.

The event, which will have as its theme "IT technologies are changing the auto industry," is staged each year during the annual CeBIT high-tech fair. The 2012 conference, called automotiveDAY, was attended by more than 500 executives from the auto and IT industries.

In 2013, the automotiveIT Congress will look at key new technologies that underpin the transformation sweeping the auto industry today. Speakers and participants will discuss how automotive data centers are changing, how new IT is helping the industry define tomorrow's "new mobility" and how big data is boosting IT's contribution to the success of automotive companies. In addition, the conference will pay attention to the growing importance of social media in the sales and marketing of automotive products.

Speakers at the 2013 Congress include Audi CIO Mattias Ulbrich and his counterpart at Daimler, Michael Gorriz; Lutz Meschke, Porsche CFO and Sven Lorenz, who is in charge of the race car maker's IT systems; Christian Mezler-Andelberg, CIO at Austria's Magna Steyr; and a range of other IT and automotive executives.

The conference language is German, but simultaneous English translation will be available for all sessions. More information on the event can be found - in German - at

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