Muehleck and Grabmair jointly outlined the far-reaching IT changes at ThyssenKrupp (Photo: Claus Dick)

Information technology is crucial at ThyssenKrupp as the steel and engineering group aims to be a trailblazer for need-based management of services. ThyssenKrupp, which has a sizeable automotive division, is undergoing a total change process that affects working and management processes as well as IT.

At the automotiveIT Congress 2015 two of the main initiators of change talked about the transformation at ThyssenKrupp: Klaus-Hardy-Mühleck, CIO, and Christine Grabmair CIO BA Components.

"Change is always what you make of it", said Grabmair. Parts of this process are digitization of business, the consolidation of infrastructures, Big Data analytics, cloud and integrated industry.

Grabmair said that includes the outsourcing of IT infrastructures and the use of shared services. "We are not only modifying single systems, we are also aiming at a change of processes and cultures," she said.