automotiveIT Congress

Connected mobility will be the focus of the automotiveIT International Congress, which will be held in London July 1-2, 2014. It will be the first international event staged by the automotiveIT Group, which publishes German and English-language print and online publications, including the Web site.

The automotiveIT International Congress has as its theme: “Connected Mobility 3.0 ”“ IT moves the Auto Industry.” Senior-level speakers from the world’s major automakers will review how their companies are embracing the digital revolution. They will be joined by decision-makers from automotive suppliers and IT service providers who will speak about the rapidly changing automotive supply chain and the new collaborations that are emerging between the auto industry and high-tech companies.

Confirmed speakers include:
  • Wolfgang Ziebart, engineering director, Jaguar Land Rover
  • Patrick Hoffstetter, Renault’s chief digital officer
  • Norbert Braendli, head of IT Sales and Marketing Processes, at Audi
  • Thomas Mueller, Volvo’s vice president electrical and electronic systems,
  • Ralf Lenninger, senior Continental executive deeply involved in the supplier’s push to bring autonomous driving to market.
  • Chris Harris, marketing & customer director at British car retailer H.R. Owen
  • Arnd Ellinghorst, head of the global automotive research team at ISI, a US-based research, sales and trading group.
Speakers from General Motors, Ford, BMW, Toyota and several other carmakers are expected to be confirmed shortly.

The conference, which will take place at the futuristic Siemens Crystal in the London Docklands, will include a visit to Audi City in London as well as two panel sessions, one on connected retail and one on the big-data opportunities for the car industry.

The automotiveIT international Congress is the premier European event to look at the convergence of IT and the auto industry from a strategic perspective. Said automotiveIT Group Publisher Dominik Ortlepp: “With IT becoming ever more important to the auto industry, we’re looking forward to a Congress that will help define the next exciting stages of development for these increasingly interconnected industries.”