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CIO Hofmann wants Volkswagen to have the best IT in the auto industry (Photo: Claus Dick)

After a decade working for the Volkswagen Group in various positions, Martin Hofmann became CIO of Europe's largest carmaker a year ago.

He took on the position at a time when VW is trying to become not just the world's biggest automotive group, but also, as CEO Martin Winterkorn said recently, "the world's best automaker."

In line with those goals, Hofmann wants VW to have the best IT in the auto industry.

In an interview with automotiveIT, he explained how he plans to reach this goal: with a tightly coordinated leadership team, more employees and a growing awareness of the importance of IT for the group.

With 7,300 staff globally, the IT operation Hofmann oversees is global and integrated. That means each of VW's 12 car brands has its own IT staff, but all teams are networked and all work closely together.

"Each one does not have to do everything itself," Hofmann told automotiveIT. "We become faster and better when we take advantage of the expertise that is already available elsewhere in the company."

In the interview, Hofmann also discusses his recruitment policy, his plan to in-source more IT and his continuing moves to align IT operations more closely with other VW Group departments.

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