automotive strategy book.automotiveITMUNICH ”“ Germany's Media-Manufaktur has published a book that provides an in-depth look at how the world's biggest car companies are preparing for an era of new mobility.

The German business publisher, parent company of automotiveIT and automotiveIT international, said the new 88-page ”“ English-language ”“ book is titled “Automotive 4.0 ”“ The Digital Revolution.” It shows how carmakers are adapting retail operations, developing alternative powertrains, connecting vehicles and reinventing in-car functions and driver assistance to adjust to the changing demands of the global auto market.

In a series of interviews and expert contributions, executives from Volkswagen, Nissan, Jaguar Land Rover, Volvo, Qoros and other automotive players talk about the concrete actions they are taking today and the moves they plan for tomorrow.

Executives were also asked to give their personal vision of tomorrow's cars. "In 2040, the view to the outside will be via a screen," predicted Mike Bell, global connected car director at Jaguar Land Rover. And Ian Plummer, head of Volkswagen sales in the UK, said: "In 10, 20 or 30 years the car will drive itself and I can sit back, work, read or sleep on the road."

The interviews were conducted against a backdrop of unprecedented challenges facing the global auto industry. These include urbanization and the resulting congestion; air pollution, which is triggering stepped-up regulation; and weakening markets, as a new generation of consumers is less interested in owning a car than their parents and grandparents were.

Yet, this environment also offers tremendous potential for growth and Automotive 4.0 ”“ The Digital Revolution demonstrates how the industry and many automotive companies are betting that an IT-driven transformation will help them achieve success in coming decades.

In the book, executives discuss how new software and big data offer opportunities to provide customers with a more compelling sales or service proposition. They talk about the 21st century consumer, who wants access to his personal networks in the car. They explain how new business models such as car-sharing work with sophisticated internet technologies. And they tout the major efficiency potential of 3D, simulation and internet-of-things in the area of car manufacturing.

The executives interviewed in this book describe an automotive business model that is being transformed as the market evolves. But they agree that, though the car and the way people use it may change, the automobile will remain a fundamental part of our lives for decades to come.

"The executives share a vision that sees the car continue to play a vital role in personal mobility," said Arjen Bongard, editor-in-chief of automotiveIT international. "That's a reassuring point of view."

Automotive 4.0 ”“ The Digital Revolution can be ordered online via or from the web site at

The book is available in an e-paper and hardcover version.