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    Cadillac expects "self-driving vehicle" by mid-decade


    Cadillac says it will be ready to build a self-driving or "semi-autonomous" vehicle by the middle of this decade. The luxury car brand of General Motors said it already has the technology to let cars manage themselves with the use of adaptive cruise control and lane centering software. Those technologies, ...

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    Daimler's r&d chief: Autonomous driving possible soon


    Daimler’s safety technology could enable autonomous driving if the law allows it (Photo: Daimler) DETROIT -- Daimler’s r&d chief, Thomas Weber, expects autonomous driving to be available in cars in the not too distant future. “By 2015 the preconditions for autonomous driving will be in place,” said Thomas Weber in ...

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    VW shows how to drive 130 km/h with no hands on the wheel


    VW’s automatic pilot can perform all functions, but a human driver can take over any time (Photo: VW) Volkswagen has developed technology that allows hands-free driving at speeds of 130 kilometers/hour. The German carmaker, which showed the technology in final presentations for a European research project, said it represents a ...

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    Bosch's Bohr: Autonomous driving in 20 years


    Bosch and Samsung SDI started production of a lithium-ion battery in their SB LiMotive JV in late 2010 (Photo: Bosch) With in-car assistance systems gaining in sophistication, the day is coming that drivers are no longer in charge of their car. "Over the next 20 years, technical advances will lead ...

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    Eyes only, no hands: steering a car with mind power


    Wearing a helmut that captures eye movement, the driver no longer needs his hands for steering Scientists at Berlin’s Free University have developed software that lets drivers steer a vehicle using only their eyes. The experiment uses eyeDriver software, which is a prototype application designed by computer scientists at Freie ...

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    From Parma to Shanghai with no one at the wheel


    Four driver-less electric vehicles have completed a four-month 15,000 km trip, as part of a research project conducted by the University of Parma in Italy. The university said it was the longest test to date for vehicles without a driver at the wheel. The university’s Vislab autonomous driving laboratory conducted ...