The Autosar partnership has decided to extend its reach beyond automotive applications.

The group, whose aim is to develop an open, standardized software architecture for the auto industry, includes major carmakers as well as automotive suppliers. Autosar stands for Automotive Open System Architecture).

The partnership said in a press release that the standards it has developed for so-called "derived applications" can be used in other technical fields such as railways, agriculture and forestry machinery, construction machinery and military transportation vessels. It ruled out using Autosar standards in aviation, aerospace, nuclear power, and in petrochemical and military sectors.

The core partners in the group have already signed an amendment to their development agreement.

"With the new regulation, the development partnership enables its members to reuse or adapt their Autosar available products outside the automotive industry.” said Frank Kirschke-Biller,"spokesman for the group.

Several Autosar members are developing technologies for other industries. Electronic control units (ECUs) developed for the car industry, for example, can easily be adapted for use in other industries.