avl gearbox

The control of this gearbox was developed by NTC’s software engineers, who are now part of AVL Powertrain UK (Photo: AVL).

Engineering group AVL has completed its acquisition of NTC Powertrain and has integrated that company's software team into its UK powertrain operations.

"NTC’s software team are a great fit with our company," said Matthias Wellers, managing director of AVL Powertrain UK. "Their world leading expertise in transmission control supplements our strong expertise in hybrid and electrical system control, and advanced engine control," he added in a press release.

NTC software powers control systems used by various carmakers. The company's software controls more than three million double clutch transmissions and five million automatic transmissions worldwide, AVL said.

As part of its integration plan, AVL is expanding the NTC software team, which has doubled in size since the beginning of the year. Said Michael Gallion, the new department leader for transmission software: "Based on the level of new customer interest, it is inevitable we will grow further.”

AVL announced in late 2010 that it is creating a further 100 new jobs in the UK, in a range of engineering areas.