The conference will be held at Warwick University's Slate conference center (Photo: Warwick University)

Regulators, energy-industry executives, automotive specialists and academics will discuss battery technology and energy requirements for the electric-vehicle revolution at a conference to be held at Britain's Warwick University Campus November 28-29.

The event, hosted by the Internet of Business publication, features speakers from carmakers Renault and Toyota, electric utilities E.ON, EDF and Vattenfall and other companies. The conference will also hear from Greg Clark, the UK's secretary of state for business, energy & industrial strategy.

Battery technology and the ability to store energy are high on the agenda of all companies involved in the transformation of the auto industry. The November gathering will focus both on the requirements of electric vehicles and on the broader challenges faced by electric utilities.

The Warwick conference will include sessions on topics such as:

  • Stimulating the EV market from a policy perspective
  • Beyond Li-ion: Advances in next-generation battery materials
  • Optimizing battery performance and lifetime
  • Reducing size and weight of battery packs without impacting performance
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