Big Data analysis makes sense of large amounts of information (Photo: Wikimedia)

The German market for big-data analysis is set to jump 59 pc to 6.1 billion euros this year, according to a study by  Crisp Research. The consultants see the market growing to 13.6 billion euros by 2016.

The study was commissioned by Germany's high-tech industry association, Bitkom, which highlighted the far-reaching potential of big data. "The analysis of large amounts of data in real time opens up the possibility of completely new applications," said Bitkom President Dieter Kempf. "New use cases are being developed especially in combination with technologies such as cloud computing or the mobile internet."

Big data is the focus area of this year's CeBIT fair, which starts in Hanover next week.

Bitkom identified three big-data segments. The biggest is data-based products and analytics services, which are expected to grow 62 pc in the German market this year to 5.1 billion euros.

IT, which includes the hardware, software and services needed to deploy big-data solutions, is the second-biggest area. Bitkom expects this segment to grow 45 pc in Germany this year to 851 million euros.

The third is sensors and networks, which are key in connecting devices, machines, cars and other things to the internet. Sales in this area are seen grouting 41 pc to 205 million euros.