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Bitkom President Kempf says companies can get more value out of social media (Photo: Bitkom)

Bitkom, Germany's high-tech industry association, has drawn up a checklist for social media implementation in small and mid-sized companies.

The list aims to help companies, which increasingly use social-media tools, get more value out of them. "Many companies aren't yet getting full value out of social media," said Bitkom President Dieter Kempf. He added that, rather than limit social media to marketing and PR, they can also be used in customer service, product development or internal communication.

Consistent use of social media will lead to far-reaching changes in the way companies are organized and how they communicate, Bitkom said.

The 10 points on the checklist are:

  1. Define a strategy that identifies where social media are to be used
  2. Set concrete and measurable goals
  3. Put someone in charge of the initiative
  4. Draw up a cost assessment, taking into account the need to interact with social media users
  5. Identify target groups
  6. Set up systematic monitoring of social media
  7. Decide content and media mix
  8. Be prepared for internet-generated crises
  9. Measure success or failure of social media initiatives
  10. Draw up guidelines for employees' use of social media