rwe charge station 2

A standardized charging-station infrastructure is seen as critical to the growth of electric vehicles (Photo: RWE)

Automakers Daimler and BMW are teaming up with key German automotive suppliers and electric utilities to build a common data platform for electric-vehicle charging.

The two premium carmakers plan to form a joint venture for this purpose with suppliers Robert Bosch and Siemens and utilities RWE and EnBW. They hope the joint data platform will make EV battery charging easier, which could boost the popularity of electric vehicles.

The platform would help create a standard way for EVs to identify themselves at the station as well as a nationwide charging infrastructure that would allow EV owners to charge their batteries anywhere. The partners want to create a single payment system and they want to connect all processes involved in the recharging.

The partners want to integrate a broad range of services in the platform. Energy providers, automakers, charging station managers and providers of other services would have access to standardized data through the platform.