BMW wants to transfer large amounts of data to and from the car (Photo: BMW)

BMW has signed a patent licensing agreement that will allow it to use Microsoft's extended file allocation table (exFAT), a file system that makes it easier to transport large amounts of data.

The premium car maker is at the forefront of an auto-industry-wide trend toward the fully connected car. This connectivity will require systems that allow the transfer of large amounts of data to and from the car.

ExFAT is the successor to Microsoft's FAT file system. The new version greatly expands the size of files that flash memory devices can handle. It also increases the speed with which files can be accessed.

BMW will use exFAT to enhance its digital entertainment offerings. "With the support of the trend-setting file system exFAT, BMW is able to significantly increase the number of compatible CE devices and mass storage devices for our customers,” said Gottfried Schmid, BMW's project manager, CE-Device Connection.