(Photo: Apple)

BMW and Porsche were among the first to come with Apple Watch applications for their cars, but other brands are expected to follow shortly.

Last week already, BMW's DriveNow car sharing brand announced a function that lets drivers open and close DriveNow vehicles with their Apple Watch. This week, BMW unveiled an Apple Watch version of its BMW i Remote App, which controls some functions on the BMW i3 and i8 electric vehicles.

i drivers can use their Apple Watch to check their battery status, get navigation information for their journey after they leave the car, and pre-set the climate control.

Sports car maker Porsche said its Porsche Car Connect-App will also be available on the Apple wearable. The smart watch lets Porsche drivers check their vehicle status and control several functions. They can see the location of their vehicle and easily find it by remotely sounding the horn or flashing the car's lights.