The autonomous-drive platform under development will be available to other carmakers (Photo: BMW)

BMW is joining forces with Intel and Mobileye to bring autonomous-driving technologies to market by 2021.

The premium car maker said in a joint press release that it will work with Intel, the world's biggest chipmaker, and Mobileye, a connected vehicle specialist, to develop technologies for highly and fully automated driving. The planned BMW iNext model will be the first of what, BMW said, will be a fleet of fully autonomous vehicles.

The companies will develop a common platform for so-called level 3 to level 5 autonomous driving. It will  be made available to other carmakers as well.

Level 3 is the commonly accepted definition for driving without the driver keeping his eyes on the road all the time. Level 5 refers to full autonomous driving.

BMW, Intel and Mobileye executives provided further information on their plans at a press briefing Friday.