Borgward showed its BX5 SUV at the Geneva auto show in March (Photo: Borgward)

Borgward, a historic German car brand that was resurrected as a 21st century automaker last year, plans to build electric vehicles with the help of SAP, LG Electronics and Robert Bosch.

The company said in a press statement that SAP software will help it to modernize and connect manufacturing operations. LG Electronics will be the carmaker's source of high-performance batteries for future plug-in and full EVs. And supplier Bosch will cooperate in the development of electric powertrains.

"Together with SAP, LG and Bosch we are bringing together competencies to redefine future mobility," Borgward CEO Ulrich Walker said.

Borgward is backed by Chinese investors and the company announced earlier this year that it will launch its BX7 SUV in the world's biggest car market this month.

A new plant in Beijing is ready for production and has an annual capacity of 160,000 units. Walker, who previously was a senior executive at Daimler, said last month the factory is applying German manufacturing standards and has already adopted smart-manufacturing technologies.

"We are building an advanced platform and a modular production system based on the smart manufacturing model,” he said.

Borgward has partnerships with 100 dealers in China and hopes to expand its network to 200 in 2017.