Bosch sees high potential for augmented reality in the workshop and elsewhere (Photo: Bosch)

Robert Bosch plans to raise its expertise in the field of augmented-reality (AR) technology by acquiring a minority stake in Munich-based AR specialist Reflekt.

The German automotive supplier group has worked together with Reflekt for the past two years, building applications for production, service, training and marketing. Together, they also launched the first software platform for the industrialization of AR.

Augmented reality applications offer an enhanced perception by adding digital elements to reality.  For example, explanations, 3D objects or videos can be shown on the display of a device pointed at a "real" object. In automotive workshops, components that are not immediately visible can be inspected true to scale and in their correct location. Work instructions, error codes and the required tools can be displayed as well. “

Said Hans-Peter Meyen, board member in the automotive aftermarket division of Bosch: "In the industrial sector and the automotive aftermarket, AR applications will save time and reduce costs."