bosch esp premium 2012.automotiveIT

Bosch’s new ESP premium can be combined with other novel driver-assistance technologies (Photo: Bosch)

Robert Bosch has launched a lighter and more flexible brake control system aimed at the premium segment.

The German automotive supplier said its ESP 9 premium system uses an especially efficient return pump that can build up brake pressure very fast and almost without vibration.

The new ESP has a high degree of flexibility, Bosch said, because much of its hardware and software is modular. That means the system can be combined with a broad range of new driver assistance systems. These include lane keeping and emerging braking systems, smart cruise control and torque vectoring.

ESP, which is always enabled, uses a microcomputer and sensors to determine whether a driver's steering input is aligned with his car's direction. If not, the system selectively uses the car's braking system to stabilize the vehicle and keep it going in the proper direction.

ESP 9 premium is 800 grams lighter than its predecessor, supporting carmakers' efforts to lower the weight of their vehicles, Bosch said.