bosch navigation app

Bosch’s 3D "artMap" shows key orientation points, while other features recede into the background

Robert Bosch’s new navigation app for the Apple iPhone features a special “artMap” that presents major orientation points in an easily recognizable 3D format.

The app, which is initially available for Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, provides lifelong map updates. All maps are preinstalled and the software can be used without a data connection.

Next to the 3D artMap, the navigation app has regular 3d maps and maps that show landmarks, cities or landscapes.

Bosch’s app comes with a curve warning assistant, which recognizes approaching bends in the road and calculates the optimum speedto maneuver the curve. If a driver exceeds the recommended speed, the app will emit a visual and acoustic warning signal.

In addition, an Eco-Navigation feature lets drivers find the route with the lowest fuel consumption.

To appeal to social network users, Bosch’s app can publish current position, destination and remaining driving time to Facebook and Twitter pages. “This means that your friends will know if you’re late and you can just concentrate on driving,” Bosch said on its navigation Web site.

Bosch’s navigation app supports seven languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Dutch. They can be selected through the iPhone’s language setting.