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With Bosch’s system, the wipers are mounted directly on the drive shafts for the two motors

Robert Bosch is supplying a direct-drive programmable wiper system for the new Ford Focus.

The new wipers are especially compact and lightweight and require no mechanical linkage. This frees up space and reduces weight, the German automotive supplier said in a press release.

Bosch said the direct-drive system needs up to 75 pc less space and is more than a kilo ligher than traditional wiper systems.

An electronic control unit takes the place of the mechanical linkage. The control unit synchronizes the two drive units, with sensors in the wiper drive monitoring the position of the two wiper arms.

Electronic position sensing and control enables the wipers to always sweep very close to the A-pillar. Distances between the wiper and the A-pillar can be programmed on the production line.

Each drive unit consists of a mechatronic drive that can run backward and forward. Both left and right wiper systems are identical and Bosch said the alignment is specified in the software.

Bosch also supplies other components and systems to the new Ford Focus. These include the engine blower and generator and a multi-functional display including navigation technology.

The new Focus goes on sale in Europe this month.