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Bosch will expand its offering of internet-based services through the acquisition of inubit (Photo: Bosch)

Robert Bosch plans to buy inubit, a Berlin-based maker of business process management (BPM) software.

The German automotive supplier said the acquisition will boost its offering of internet-based services.

inubit AG offers process solutions for companies across a range of industries, including the automotive sector. Bosch said the company will provide components for creating systems and service platforms on "the internet of things and services," the Web of the future, which will allow devices and systems to send and receive data automatically.

"With its recognized solutions and process competence in many industries, inubit AG will play an important part in expanding Bosch’s activities on the internet of things and services,” said Heinz Derenbach, president of Bosch Software Innovation.

Derenbach said in a press release that his division, which employs 340 staff, combined with inubit will be able to offer a range of networked application solutions in companies and on internet platforms. He cited in particular areas with high growth potential such as smart mobility and the smart grid.

Inubit Chairman Torsten Schmale said the combined operations will be able to expand activities "in the area of sophisticated enterprise solutions."