Cadillac unveiled a new in-car infotainment system that offers fewer buttons and a number innovations aimed at making functions easier to use.

The luxury-car brand of General Motors will offer its CUE system on the XTS, ATS and SRX models from next year.

CUE will have 3D navigation and will be able to communicate with up to 10 Bluetooth-enabled devices, as well as USB sticks, SD cards and MP3 players. The system's main interface will have four buttons, compared with around 20 buttons on the average premium infotainment system.

CUE will feature a range of functions that Cadillac says are industry-firsts. These include an 8 inch monitor that can sense when a user's hand approaches. When that happens command icons appear on the screen.

Cadillac unveils CUE

Cadillac’s CUE infotainment system will have more power and fewer buttons (Photo: Cadillac)

The screen will also provide haptic feedback when touched and it will allow multi-touch hand gestures.

Cadillac is building cue on the open-source Linux operating system and uses an ARM 11 3-core processor that operates at 400 million instructions a second.

CUE is designed to provide full connectivity for tech-savvy car drivers. At the same time, Cadillac wants the system to be "simple, intuitive and accessible" to users less interested in high-tech.

Cadillac is the latest premium brand to launch a major upgrade of its infotainment systems. German premium competitors Audi, BMW and Mercedes are also rolling out new systems that offer greatly improved connectivity.