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  • tesla.automotiveIT

    Study: Global EV sales set for massive jump in 2020s


    Tesla is the biggest foreign seller of EVs in China (Photo: Tesla) Global sales of electric vehicles are set to start growing rapidly in the next decade, according to a new study. The report by Germany's Center of Automotive Management (CAM) said that, so far, car buyers are still ...

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    China seen widening EV lead


    Incentives play a key role in electric-vehicle sales (Photo: Nissan) China is expanding its leadership position in electric vehicles, according to two new studies. Germany's Center of Automotive Management (CAM) said carmakers sold 170,000 EVs in China in the first six months of 2016, compared with 66,000 in the ...

  • china.automotiveIT

    Chinese market expands lead


    China's share of the global car market has soared in recent years (Photo: Wikimedia) China looks set to solidify its position as the world's biggest car market, as vehicle demand in second- and third-tier megacities offsets the negative impact of growing political and economic risk. According to Germany's Center ...

  • toyota.automotiveIT

    Ranking puts Toyota, VW at top of innovation list


    Theoretical physicist Michio Kaku discusses a hydrogen future at the 2015 Las Vegas CES in January (Photo: Toyota) Toyota and Volkswagen Group have been the top automotive innovators in the past 10 years, according to a new ranking compiled by Germany's Center of Automotive Management. The think tank looked ...

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    Study: VW could be world's biggest carmaker in 2014


    A new study predicts that Volkswagen Group, which wants to be the world's biggest automaker in terms of unit sales by 2018, could achieve that goal this year already. Europe's largest automaker has "a good chance" to reach the target in 2014 after selling more cars than Toyota in the ...

  • dassault.automotiveIT

    Dassault bundles applications to address car design complexity


    Dassault Systems has grouped several of its applications in a package designed to manage the complexity of building increasingly electrified vehicles. The simulation software, CAD/CAM and product lifecycle management specialist said its "Smart, Safe & Connected Car" solution will accelerate the development of embedded systems while helping automakers meet all ...