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Outsourcing of IT services will grow, according to a Capgemini poll of IT managers (Photo: Capgemini)

IT managers will aim to boost efficiency, cut costs and offer stable services, according to a recent survey. Innovation and the support of other corporate business requirements will come second, according to the report.

Consultants Capgemini interviewed 168 corporate IT decision makers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in September and October, 2012.

They found that spending patterns varied from one company to the next. Forty-one pc of IT managers polled said they had bigger budgets this year, while 21 pc aid they had to reduce expenditures. For 35 pc of them, there was going to be little change in 2013.

IT managers expressed concern over growing IT investments in operational areas, which they felt could jeopardize efforts to standardize and automate company-wide IT operations. They also cited the danger of so-called "shadow IT" and new data silos.

The companies represented in the poll outsourced more IT services last year, with 20 pc of all work handled by external consultants, up from 17 pc in 2011. In 10 years, 47 pc expect the bulk of all IT services to be outsourced. A year ago, only 38 pc projected a similar trend.

Fifteen pc of the companies, which post annual sales of between 250 million euros and 20 billion euros, operated their own cloud, while only 4 pc said they used cloud-based services from third parties.

IT managers said top technologies for 2013 will be the ones that can help lower costs and boost efficiency. They also cited technologies that make more data available and increase data security.

Key technologies identified include virtualization, master data and data quality management and the integration of standard and individual software.

Capgemini said IT bosses are increasingly playing a strategic management role. Almost 37 pc said they participate in management board meetings, while 27 pc said they frequently attend these gatherings.

A PDF copy of the report - in German - can be downloaded here.