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    Mercedes, Porsche join other brands in testing flat-rate subscription models


    Mercedes will let customers drive 12 vehicles at a flat rate (Photo: Mercedes) Mercedes-Benz will offer a flat rate to customers wanting to switch cars during the year, in a pilot project with two German dealer groups, Lueg and Beresa. The German premium car brand said the rate, which ...

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    Hertz to rent EVs in Shanghai


    In the US, Hertz’s Green Traveler Collection includes hybrid, plug-in hybrid and full EVs (Photo: Hertz) Hertz has joined a Chinese pilot project to boost electric vehicles. The US car rental group said it will start renting electric vehicles in Shanghai and will cooperate with GE Industrial Solutions China to ...

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    Survey: More Europeans will consider giving up one car


    More Europeans will consider giving up at least one of their cars in the next 12 months, according to a survey on mobility trends. Already, 90 percent of all drivers have changed their driving habits for cost reasons, according to the European Transportation Mobility Observatory, a study conducted ...