BMW's Frickenstein says car industry cannot manage data on its own (Photo: Claus Dick)

FRANKFURT -- Cooperation between automakers, IT companies and other stakeholders in the car industry is essential to realize autonomous driving, Elmar Frickenstein, head of fully automated driving at BMW, said Wednesday.

In an address to the carIT Congress here, Frickenstein cited the premium brand's tie-up with chipmaker Intel and sensor specialist Mobileye as an example of the kind of cooperation that is required. He stressed that this particular agreement is not exclusive to BMW, but open to all automotive and IT companies.

Frickenstein said the huge amounts of data generated by connected vehicles will be key to autonomous driving and he stressed that IT companies and other specialists will have to play a major role here.

"Processing these huge amounts of data cannot be managed by the auto industry on its own," he said.

The BMW executive said the need for a collaborative approach also extends to areas such as 5G mobile technology and sensors.

"If you want to label data, you need standards," Frickenstein said.

The annual carIT Congress takes place each year during the Frankfurt Auto Show and the Hanover commercial vehicle exhibition.